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Bre Power Eaton

Educator | Writer & Editor | Law Student
About Me

About Me

I am an educator and a freelance writer and editor; a lover of stories both written and told; a believer in the power of words to forge connections across time and boundaries -- geographical, political, social, and personal. 

For me, writing is an immersion experience. Since I began freelancing in late 2009, I've had the great fortune to meet and interview many people -- from politicians and entrepreneurs to artists of all kinds, academics and experts to passionate folks, like a giant pumpkin growing competitor. Each assignment has offered a chance to be in someone else's world, ask questions, and find, if not answers, an expanded understanding of him/her, myself, and the world.  


My interviews, essays, stories, and features have appeared in SliceFull Grown PeopleNewport LifeMercury, Go Nomad, TravelMag, and elsewhere.

Being married to a Naval officer = moving A LOT = exposure = a unique, ever-evolving perspective. When not exploring the world with my family, I enjoy running, hiking, reading, eating interesting food, playing boardgames, and laughing with friends and family.

My current adventure is pursuing a law degree at Loyola University Chicago School of Law through the Weekend JD program, focusing on policy to finally make our nation's education system the "Great Equalizer" it was created to be: to provide every child, no matter their background or zip code, a world-class education. 

Work Experience

My Philosophy

Craft writing worthy of readers’ time

No longer is a writer’s greatest challenge to tell a good story or provide clear, coherent information. First, she must catch readers’ attention AND THEN make the writing so good that readers lose track of time, and gratefully so. 

What separates the stories people forget from the stories we cannot let go –- the ones that grip us, strikes us deep within, and become a part of us forever? 

The stories we forget, I've found, have no pulse. They are descriptions of experiences, yes, but they don’t cause us to connect or disconnect or move us to question, reflect, or act. 

Whether writing to inform or entertain (or both), I strive to find (and ensure readers feel) the pulse of a piece. How? By excavating experience -- mining the facts, figures, details, and personal stories -- to figure out and then communicate the answer every reader is asking, "Why does this matter?" 

Check out my portfolio to see my philosophy in action. 
“Lock up your libraries if you like; but there is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind.” 
― Virginia WoolfA Room of One's Own


Expected Dec. 2025 | Juris Doctor
Loyola University Chicago School of Law

2012 | MFA in Creative Writing (Creative Nonfiction/Fiction)

Antioch University of Los Angeles

2006 | MA in Education

Point Loma Nazarene University

2004 | Secondary Teaching Credential, English (California)

Point Loma Nazarene University 

2002 | BA in English (Concentration: Education)

Point Loma Nazarene University 

Magna Cum Lade 

Contact Me

Contact Me

** Currently not taking on new clients, so I can focus on my legal studies. Feel free to reach out to say, "Hello!"

Need a published writer to craft your story, research, or information into an engaging read? 


Need a meticulous editor to polish your work to create a final product that is clear, cohesive, and error-free? 


Need a supportive writing coach to provide constructive feedback on your current or future project? 

Send me a message below and kindly include a brief description of your project and/or needs. Rates vary and are negotiable. Looking forward to working with you! 

Success! Message received.

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